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$250,000 A Month

Tinting Car Windows

How I Make $250,000 A Month Tinting Car Windows

Unlock your TRUE  earning potential and find a new passion! Turn it into a six-figure business, even without prior tinting experience. This comprehensive course teaches you how to become master tinter and reveals all my secrets to success.

You Have Uncovered The Secret Gold Mine

The secret and highly profitable industry of automotive window tinting

Why is car tinting the business to start in 2024? 

Car window tinting is not only an attractive trade because of its exceptionally high profit margins and the ability to work from home without any risk, but it is also future-proof. With the increasing number of cars being manufactured each year, the demand for car window tinting services is only set to grow, making it an excellent industry to enter.

Insane Profits

Once you complete our program, you will have the ability to turn $20 of window film into $200+ within a matter of hours.



92 Million cars are expected to be built in the year 2024 and it is increasing every year. There are lots of tints to be done and we can show you how to get them!

Work From Home

Using our training you do not need to invest big. You can start from home or go mobile and expand when you are ready.

Passion Fueled:
Tinting, More Than a Job - It's a Culture.

From the annual “tint off” competitions to the global tint meetups! Tinters have a passion for their skill and trade!

When your job is your hobby, you’ll never have to work a day again. Window tinting is a field that offers a unique blend of technical skill, creativity, and artistry. You get to work with a variety of vehicles, from brand new cars to high-end luxury cars!

"The Texas Squeegee"

Image is from one of the many annual tint competitions held around USA

How Much Can You Really Make Tinting Cars?

Transparency is important to us, and we want to be upfront about the earning potential available to those interested in the window tinting industry. While individual earnings may vary based on factors like skill level and experience, we are confident in the value and quality of our online tint course, which has proven time and time again to help our members achieve these figures

We literally can NOT make this up

Take Control Of Your Earning Potential

Your choice: chase the big bucks, spend more time with family, or find a balance. After this course, you decide

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A Car Tinters (REAL)

Weekly Earning Potential

Below is an example of cars tinted per day working only 5 days a week and what can be made.

1 car

$995 Per Week

2 cars

$1990 Per Week

3 cars

$2985 Per Week

4 cars

$3980 Per Week

5 cars

$4975 Per Week

$995 week

1 Tint Per Day

$1990 week

2 Tints Per Day

$2985 week

3 Tints Per Day

$3980 week

4 Tints Per Day

$4975 week

5 Tints Per Day

$7,960 week

8 Tints Per Day


Make your custom plan below, remember you can be in control of your schedule. You are the boss.

How much do you want to work?

Totals Are After Window Film Costs


 2 Mobile Tinters

2 Choice Lifestyles

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There Is a Huge Demand For Window Tinters

Statistics Taken Directly From Google (Updated 2024)

Monthly USA Searches (data via GKP)
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Click Search to see current 2024 monthly Google Searches for window tinting

What does this mean for you? Customers are still struggling to find reliable providers. This presents opportunity for NEW Tinters to fill the gap and meet this demand.

Training how to tint

Tinting Is Big Business

And We Know How To Get Results!

After building our own business Global Tint to an 8 Figure automotive window tinting business and opening over 150 locations around the world. It is a clear indication that we know EXACTLY what works in both tint training and business training. 

$15,000,000 Made In The Tint Industry

We are proven with not only the success of our students, but also with the success of our own business where we have made over $15million in the tint industry

So, What Does Tint School Online Offer?

All courses included in the $849 mega bundle

Workshop Lessons

Beginners Tint Training

Become a professional window tinter with our 7-hour, beginner-friendly course, designed to quickly elevate you from novice to expert. It also includes a bonus: the ‘Tint Encyclopedia’ with over 100 extra tutorials.

Worth $799
Workshop Lessons

Advanced Tint Training

Master the art of window tinting with our advanced 6+ hour tint training course. Discover expert tips and tricks, innovative tools, techniques and film types to speed up your tint time, make more money and become a master of your craft.

Worth $299
Workshop Lessons

Mobile Tint Training

Our 3+ hour mobile tint training allows you to expand your tinting business to new locations and customer bases with unique skills not taught elsewhere.

Worth $249
Workshop Lessons

Headlight & Taillight Tint Training

Our headlight and taillight tint training is 3+ hours and it covers the entire process of tinting and restoring vehicle lights which can result in a great income for upsells.

Worth $149
Workshop Lessons

Business Blueprint

Uncover the secrets of success with this huge course that is 10+ hours and has 44 guided templates. Follow the exact path our students have taken that have allowed them to achieve $1000 days. There are multiple business strategies to choose from

Worth $699

There is still more

The Tint Vault

Gain access to a vast collection of valuable assets such as images, videos and more to distinguish yourself from others in the tint industry.

10% Lifetime Discount

Get a lifetime discount on the latest carbon and carbon ceramic window films from a top-rated company offering cutting-edge technology.

$100,000+ Tint Plan

Watch Elliot's daily live videos as he flies to Kansas and builds a window tinting business from the ground up, generating $3000 in just one week.

And more....

Fully Optimized Tinting Website

Stand out from your competition with your very own window tinting website that was valued at $2,500 to create that is preloaded with images and videos for your business!

Window Tinting Starter Kit

Get ready to start your new business right away with all the tools you need and training film included! Follow the 12 week business starter guide that has helped our members start their 6 figure a year tint business

The world's largest tint course

In 2024 we now have 400+ tutorials

At Tint School Online, we pride ourselves on being the largest and most successful tint training program in the world. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure the growth and success of our school and our members.

Everything In This Lifechanging Program
For Only The Cost Of 2 IR Tint Jobs

Your Gateway To Being An Entrepreneur


All Courses

Lifetime access
Payment plans available
Unlimited employee logins
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Tint tools sold separate

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our online course. If you’re not satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, you can request a full refund. No questions asked.

Take a sneak peak...

Take a quick look at some compilation videos of our program to see the detail in what our course is all about and why it is unmatched!

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Tint School Online

The World's Largest Tint Training Program

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$$849/one time
Lifetime access
Unlimited employee logins
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Lifetime access
Unlimited employee logins
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Tint School Online

The World's Largest Tint Training Program

x1 Payment

$349$339/one time
Lifetime access
Unlimited employee logins
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

3 Payments

$325/per month
Lifetime access
Unlimited employee logins
30 Day Money Back Guarantee